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The government must be watched carefully - we must ensure Brexit happens.

So it's Brexit, now what?

Thank you for visiting - There are several schools of thought about when Brexit will start to happen. Theresa May says she isn't ready to activate Article 50 which is the EU's way of exiting the EU. If she chooses this method there is every indication that she will keep the free movement and will not negotiate effectively on her voters' behalf.

Patrick McLoughlin, the new Tory Chair, has indicated Article 50 will not be invoked until 2020, which means we cannot escape the EU's clutches before 2022, at the earliest.

UKIP's Gerard Batten has written a book 'The Road to Freedom: How Britain Can Escape the EU'  (the Kindle version has been reduced to 99p) which shows the dangers of Article 50 and talks more about repealing the 1973 Act. Part of our law is that no parliament can bind future parliaments.

This website has been set up to highlight negative actions of Theresa May's cabinet, and positive ways we are already benefiting from Brexit. But we need lots more help; take a look around the website and, if you feel incensed to take action, click on the Action tab along the top and fill in the form.   

We also have a special Groups page for all people who either have local meetings to fight for Brexit, or for those who have a dedicated website to fight for Brexit. Remember, this isn't going to happen unless we are prepared to fight for our freedom - the politicians are hoping we'll do nothing. Will you do nothing?