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Below is a list of public figures, foreign politicians, celebrities and companies who actively supported the remain campaign by browbeating the British Public not to Brexit. Use the form below if you know of more
Richard Branson Founder, Virgin Group
Barack Obama President of the United States of America
Gavin Patterson CEO of the BT Group
Carolyn Fairbairn Director General of the CBI
Bob Geldorf Scruffy has been musician
Eddie Izzard Constant failure
BBC News All people
Sky News Most people
Lord Heseltine An old hasbeen
David Cameron Prime Minister
George Osborne Chancellor
Lord Paddy Ashdown House of Lords
Nick Clegg From the wilderness
Ming Campbell From the wilderness
Sir Vince Cable From the wilderness
Alex Salmon Scottish Nationalist Party
Nicola Sturgeon SNP First Minister
Lord Rose ex M&S Chairman
Lord Sainsbuty Supermarket & Stronger in Europe
Tony Blair ME Peace? Envoy
Gordon Brown Never elected Prime Minster
John Major Thatcher killer
Lord Peter Mandleson Fingers in pies
Lord Michael Grade Film and Television mogul
Justin Welby God's sales manager - GB
Richard Dimbleby Lefty questioneer
Sir Lynton Crosby Strategist to Conservatives
John Sorrell Creative Industrial Federation
Carol Ann Duffy Poet Laureate
Ed Balls Used to be important
Simon Cowell Reality television judge
J K Rowling Dissappears in a puff
Matt Damon Jason Bourne

If you feel we've missed any nasty little grub from this list who tried to bully us to remain, please enter them here. We'll add them soon.